Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is my pet scooting on his rear end?
A: Small glands on either side of the anus are supposed to
empty every time your pet goes to the bathroom. When they
don't empty, it bothers your pet, so they scoot to try to relieve
their discomfort.

Q: How long is a canine/feline pregnancy?
A: Typically between 63-65 days.

Q: Why does my pet scratch all the time?
A: Most of the time, an itchy pet has fleas. Fleas prefer to
bite dogs or cats rather than humans, so you may not notice
that they are there, but Fido and Fluffy do! Some pets are
even allergic to fleas, which makes them very miserable. If
you suspect that your pet is allergic, call us to make an
appointment so that we can get your pet some relief.
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Although most pet owners mean well, we want to take a
moment to clear up some common misconceptions that we
hear in our day to day practice.
Common Misconceptions
a warm nose indicates a fever
scooting on the ground is a sign of worms
if you cut a nail too short the animal can bleed to
the only way to kill a tick is to burn it
neutering will stop male dogs from being protective
you can feed a grown cat cow's milk
a female dog has to go through at least one heat cycle
before she can be fixed
it is okay to feed a dog table scraps