Cats are some of the best kind
of company you can find.
That's why when your precious
feline comes to visit, we go out
of our way to provide the best
all around care.
We recommend that your
furry feline be vaccinated for
feline distemper, feline
leukemia, feline
immunodefiency virus, and
rabies once a year. Kittens
start shots at 9 weeks and are
given boosters 3 weeks later.
Then they receive boosters once
a year.
Spaying and Neutering
We recommend spaying and
neutering at 6 months of age.
This helps prevent behavior
problems like spraying to
mark territory or yowling at
all hours of the night. Please
do your part in the
community by stopping the
birth of unwanted litters.
Parasite Control
Fleas, ear mites, and
intestinal worms can be a
nuisance to you and your
cat. We recommend having
your cat checked for parasites
at every health check. If your
cat is having problems with
parasites, our veterinarian
can recommend products that
will help.
If your cat is acting strangely, hiding, or refusing to eat or
drink, then there may be something wrong with your cat. If you
notice anything out of the ordinary, it is best to call us and set
up an appointment to have your cat checked out by a vet.